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An asterism is defined by Dictionary.com as “three asterisks printed to draw attention to a passage.” Much like a cairn draws attention to a passage in the woods, helping hikers navigate to their destination. Dyana Weissman helps clients find their way to the logical, beautiful conclusion of whatever their creative challenge is.

Dyana Weissman

For over 15 years, Dyana Weissman has been working with clients across various industries such as Comedy Central, Disney, Ford, the MoMA, and The Washington Post. Currently, she is the Custom Type Director at Type Network, where she manages and creates large families in traditional static and variable font formats. Previously, she was Senior Custom Designer at The Font Bureau. Her approach to work is influenced by humanity itself: She aims to make genuine connections with clients, and believes that the most memorable designs are endearingly imperfect. She stretches her other creative muscles by writing for Typographica and Alphabettes, taking photographs, and promoting independent film. She stretches her literal muscles by hiking as often as she can.